Advisory Roles

Current Advisory Roles

Advisor, July 2013 - Present is cloud management in your pocket. Manage and monitor all of your server infrastructure, across multiple clouds, from any mobile device.

Advisor, October 2012 - Present develops cloud infrastructure middleware services such as IronMQ and IronWorker. Modern cloud applications are moving towards scalable and streamlined microservices architectures. Breaking up applications into manageable components focused around logical business capabilities leads to more efficient systems. is the development platform for the modern cloud, providing the glue to keep your services together and the muscle to run your processes at scale.


Advisor, May 2011 - Present

SmartSignin is smart, secure, and simple identity in the Cloud. The SaaS platform provides web and cloud identity, that includes Single Sign-On (SSO); Virtual Private Network (VPN); Identity and Access Management (IDM); and multi-factor authentication, secured by a unique algorithmic “smart key”.

Past Advisory Roles


Advisor, November 2011 - November 2014 (Acquired by AppDirect)

Leftronic makes beautiful dashboards for real-time analytics. Deploy powerful dashboards to track the data that matters most to your company, optimized for large format display in network operation centers, sales groups, or other departments where visibility is key.

Advisor, November 2011 - December 2013 (Acquired by Square)

Trigger gives you native apps on multiple platforms from a single HTML5 codebase. Generate native apps for multiple platforms from a common codebase, and package production builds ready for distribution on different app stores and web browsers, all quickly and conveniently without having to code for each platform.


Interim VP Sales & Marketing
April - August 2010
Member, Advisory Board
eRealInvestor provides online, real-time analysis tools for real estate investors and their professional advisors. Leading real estate websites, including ZipRealty, Wall Street Journal, Williams Auction, as well as thousands of real estate agents and brokers have adopted eRealInvestor's eRealAnalyzer platform. 

As an Advisor to eRealInvestor, I provided early feedback on business strategy and branding, as well as Google Adwords campaign implementation and testing, web site optimization, and web hosting infrastructure advice for high availability.

Centro Las Olas
Board of Directors, President
Board of Directors, Treasurer
Centro Las Olas is a cooperative Spanish immersion preschool in San Francisco's Mission District. As a member of the Board of Directors and the Board Treasurer I assisted with budgeting and bookkeeping, as well as other financial and administrative tasks. During my second year on the board I served as board President.

Co-Founder, Advisor
Co-Founder, CMO
GoGrid is the pioneering cloud infrastructure hosting service from ServePath. GoGrid allows startups to deploy complex server networks in just minutes via API or Web UI, all on-demand and with high performance and easy scalabillity. After co-founding the company and overseeing its rapid growth for 9 years, in January 2010 I moved into a part-time advisory role at GoGrid, focused on marketing and product strategy.

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