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David Hecht is an Internet entrepreneur, startup advisor, and veteran online marketer. He has been marketing and selling Internet services since 1995.

David is the founder of CloudAmp, which makes lead tracking and marketing analytics applications for Salesforce. He is also co-Founder of AppFrontier, which makes the popular Chargent payment processing for Salesforce application. David is a Salesforce Certified Administrator, and as well the organizer of the Salesforce Data Analytics Meetup, a networking event and new technology showcase held every other month in San Francisco.

David has 19 years of experience marketing and selling Internet services, and has been an entrepreneur at multiple Internet and Cloud Computing startups. In addition to running CloudAmp and AppFrontier, he is also an advisor to several early-stage technology startups.

Prior to that, David ran sales and marketing at Cloudkick, a Cloud monitoring and management platform (aquired by Rackspace). Prior to that, David was Co-Founder and Chief Marketing Officer of GoGrid / ServePath, the #3 public cloud infrastructure provider and the San Francisco Bay Area's largest managed hosting and cloud computing company. In the 9 years that he ran the Sales, Marketing, and Product Management groups, the company grew from 2 to 150 employees and multiple tens of millions of dollars in recurring revenue on only $1.1m in startup capital. David developed a number of service offerings at ServePath, from the core dedicated server brand to colocation (ColoServe) and streaming media services (UpStream Networks). ServePath began its first year of life as a web development and marketing consulting firm called SparkChange, and in 2010 rebranded itself a second time as GoGrid, its pioneering cloud computing infrastructure on demand product.

During the dot com bubble, David was Director of Marketing for freelance job site and ASP software startup eWork Exchange. David's extensive Email marketing programs were responsible for much of eWork's rapid growth, attracting over 300,000 registered consultants and hiring managers to the Exchange in less than a year.

Prior to eWork Exchange, David was one of the first employees at InReach Internet, a regional dialup ISP that brought Internet access to many areas of California for the fist time. As Marketing Director for four years, his direct marketing strategy enabled the company to keep acquisition costs low and rapidly attain profitability. While at InReach, David also wrote a beginners guide to the Internet, which was published as the 128-page paperback book "Reach the Internet!" and given to new subscribers. It explained concepts such as emoticons and how to connect a PPP modem session in plain English with accompanying cartoons, and makes hilarious reading today.

David also spent several years at the non-profit SF AIDS Foundation, where he was instrumental in putting their public health information online through several Bulletin Board Systems (BBS) just prior to the advent of the web. He began his career at several early desktop publishing companies in San Francisco and Boston.

David received a BA in Humanities from Stanford University. He lives in San Francisco's Mission District with his wife, two children and dog. He enjoys hiking, live music, whiskey and spending too much time on the Internet, not necessarily in that order.

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Hectic.com is blog and site of David Hecht, a cloud computing entrepreneur, startup advisor and Internet marketing guy based in San Francisco. Currently working on two Startups in the Salesforce ecosystem, AppFrontier and CloudAmp. Recently I ran sales and marketing at Cloudkick (acquired by Rackspace), and prior to that I was the co-founder and CMO of GoGrid

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