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Manage Your Customer and Lead Data Right from the Start

Posted by David Hecht on Saturday, March 13, 2010, In : CRM 
With all of the tasks that go into starting a business, it is easy to forget about properly collecting and managing data on customers and prospects in the beginning. Life in a startup business is hectic, after all, with thousands of tasks vying for your attention - everything from critical things like building the product to hiring to mundane things like getting business cards made and buying supplies.

And since you don’t have a lot of customers and prospects in the beginning, keeping them o...
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Welcome to!

Posted by David Hecht on Tuesday, March 9, 2010,
After 14 years of various versions of this web site, I've decided to relaunch with new content and resources for startups. In the blog, I'll be trying to deal with some pretty tactical marketing and sales considerations for Internet startup companies.

There are lots of great resources out there for how to get VC funding, or how to find cofounders, or even how to develop products. I will be focusing on what I know and love, online marketing, with some related posts about web hosting, CRM, and o...
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Making Startups Less Hectic Since 1996 is blog and site of David Hecht, a cloud computing entrepreneur, startup advisor and Internet marketing guy based in San Francisco. Currently working on two Startups in the Salesforce ecosystem, AppFrontier and CloudAmp. Recently I ran sales and marketing at Cloudkick (acquired by Rackspace), and prior to that I was the co-founder and CMO of GoGrid

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