Even if you truly are psychic. It is not ok.


If I see one more Linkedin headline of “Visionary Strategist” or “Visionary Technologist” or any other similarly self-important, overhyped description am going to lose it. If only you could triple unfriend people you were not even connected to on Linkedin, or Facebook had an “unlike” (or better yet “hate this”) button.

Hint: brilliant, visionary entrepreneurs and technologists don’t describe themselves as such. Other people might, but their achievements generally speak for themselves.

It is kind of like when you see electronics or musical gear described as “Professional” -- it’s a sure sign that it isn’t.

If you are a “visionary” on Linkedin, you are probably a) a 22 year old kid without enough experience or “vision” to see how silly that sounds or b) someone who has had a series of mid-level tech jobs that never lasted more than 12 months but somehow “changed the world.”


Searching Linkedin for the term “visionary” not only turns up thousands of results, but even a few people with the title “Chief Visionary Officer.”  WTF? Wow. I’d like to see that job description, probably a lot of tactical, real world deliverables.

Probably a great gig. For a Psychic Technologist, of course.