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San Francisco Startup Events

There are tons of local tech events in the San Francisco Bay Area. Here are a few of my favorites:

San Francisco Cloud Computing Meetup

This meetup is focused on cloud computing and various cloud technologies, and features a variety of speakers and industry leaders.


SFBeta is a periodic, sometimes quarterly startup mixer at 111 Mina Gallery. It draws a great crowd for networking, and has no formal presentations, but it does feature a number of Internet startup companies demoing at tables throughout the room.


SFNewTech has been doing 1-2 events a month for 4 years. Currently located at the club Mighty, SFNewtech features networking and then a more structured format of 4-5 companies demoing on stage. Each company gets 5 minutes to demo and 5 minutes for questions.

Hackers & Founders

This meetup is held in both San Francisco and Mountain View. Great crowd to network with, free to get in, and a keg of beer. What more could you want?


PariSoma is a coworking space and tech community that has some cool events at their "loft" at 10th & Howard. Get on their email list to find out about upcoming events.

Bay Area Tech Event Email Lists

Web Wallflower

Cassie's email list will let you know all about San Francisco tech events, including some of the great ones she works on like Failcon and SFMusicTech. Or just subscribe to her technology events calendar.

Startup Digest

Startup Digest covers lots of different cities, and picks some of the best startup and tech events. They also have a Google calendar / iCal you can subscribe to of their Silicon Valley and San Francisco Bay Area technology and startup events.

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