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AppFrontier makes the Chargent Payment Processing for Salesforce application, the only 100% Salesforce native credit card / ACH payment solution for one time or recurring billing. Chargent makes it easy for anyone to process payments directly from Salesforce, and keep track of past transactions, right where their customer data lives.


CloudAmp provides Salesforce applications, analytics and dashboards to optimize your inbound sales and marketing. Improve your lead tracking, sales processes, and conversion funnel visibility with our easy to use products and affordable services.

Our specialty is helping startups get a handle on their inbound lead flow and organize their sales funnel with applications like Campaign Tracker for Google Analytics and CloudAmp Analytics Dashboards.

Past Projects & Companies
LocalXpert was a local Q&A lead generation network. We created a proof of concept, with hundreds of live sites, and a pilot program with about a dozen paying customers. These highly targeted local business web sites allow business owners and professional experts in various fields can answer questions from members of their local community. Local business owners are free to post their company information and answer questions related to their goods and services, so consumers in the area can find only the most relevant local products and services.

Some of our sites included:


Cloudkick provides award-winning cloud server monitoring and management tools, built from the ground up to support modern APIs and the elastic nature of the cloud. From performance monitoring and fault detection to trend visualization and graphing, our tools work across your entire cloud computing infrastructure, no matter what cloud provider you choose. Cloudkick creates a new unified experience and with an easy-to-use, simple to set up web-based dashboard for controlling and monitoring your entire infrastructure. I joined Cloudkick as the first marketing and sales hire, and helped identify key metrics and define the demand generation and sales follow up processes.
Backup, publish, get paid. This 2007 project was ahead of its time but never got the focus it needed. Any text content you have can be shared and backed up on Textive. You can upload Word and PDF documents or simply copy and paste or write directly into the easy to use editor. Make some of those documents public (publish them) and you can earn a share of the revenue from advertising that appears on your pages.
A blog about California Zinfandel wines that I never update because drinking wine is way more fun than writing about it. If you send me some Zinfandel, I promise I will though.

GoGrid is a leading Cloud Infrastructure Hosting provider and the culmination of 9 years of ServePath's experience running complex server infrastructures. GoGrid is the next generation of these services -- the first multi-tier cloud computing platform that allows you to intuitively manage your cloud hosting infrastructure completely on demand through a web interface, or programmatically through an API. Get powerful dedicated resources on a cloud computing architecture that you can use as you need, on-demand. Once you try GoGrid cloud hosting, you will see how the power of cloud computing will transform how you think about and architect your company's infrastructure.

From its start in 2002, we grew ServePath to be one of the largest dedicated server and managed hosting companies on the West Coast. As a co-founder I ran the marketing, sales and product management groups, focusing on demand generation online with efficient, closed loop follow up with leads. In 2006, ServePath began developing what would soon become GoGrid, one of the first on-demand, self-service cloud server hosting services to be available. GoGrid cloud infrastructure, together with hybrid solutions featuring ServePath dedicated server back ends and GoGrid virtualized front end servers, continue to drive much of the company's growth today.

UpStream Networks
UpStream networks is a division of ServePath that helps small and medium-sized businesses add live and on-demand audio and video streaming to their web sites. We built some pretty cool live streaming capabilities, a portal, and a small CDN to distribute the media.

ColoServe is a division of ServePath, established to offer San Francisco Colocation services out of ServePath's downtown San Francisco datacenter. We sold out most of the datacenter in the first few years, but still serve customers who want to bring in their own equipment to connect into the GoGrid cloud directly.

SparkChange was the name of ServePath in its first year. Out of the ashes of the dot com collapse, I decided to build a consulting firm with my partner from InReach offering web site design, Internet strategy consulting, and online marketing assistance. Launching in January 2001, this proved to be a challenging time to sell these services, though I did manage to deliver some impressive projects for several Fortune 500 companies and a host of small businesses. After a year, we decided to refocus the business on what I could deliver on best - selling Internet services online rather than consulting, SparkChange changed its name to ServePath, and we started selling dedicated server hosting.

eWork Exchange
eWork Exchange was an online project marketplace and Internet work services company with a market-based pricing exchange, the 1999 version of what oDesk is today.  The site connected hiring managers and project professionals using an intelligent matching engine, enabling managers and staffing companies find qualified talent, and independent professionals find their ideal projects.
When I left in 2001 the company was reinventing itself as an enterprise software company for managing freelancers, and managed to survive in that incarnation until 2008, when it finally shut down and had its assets acquired.

InReach Internet
InReach was an early dialup ISP headquartered in Stockton, CA. I was one of the first employees and ran marketing there from 1995-1999, during which time we grew InReach to be the largest profitable ISP headquartered in California. It was a regional provider competing against AOL and PacificBell, with somewhere around 40,000 customers, but we had more local dialup numbers than the telcos due to a partnership with an up and coming CLEC. InReach was the first company to bring Internet Access to many towns in California, especially in the Central Valley and Sierra Foothills. That was a lot of fun, but also a marketing challenge (lots of postcards, yellow page and small town newspaper advertising, plus we had to explain to a lot of people why they would want to get on the Internet in the first place. InReach is still in business today, though as a division of a larger acquiring company -- the introduction of DSL and Cable broadband made it difficult to compete against the telecom companies.

WebFarmers was the early business web design and hosting brand of InReach Internet. Make sure you are sitting down if you click on the InternetArchive link provided here, it is a very hilarious web site design. Maybe it was the wheat background image, or the purple cow staring you down, but we actually designed, built and hosted a number of web sites for small and large businesses back when everyone was just starting to figure out how to get online.

NetPager was an early InReach Internet brand and the first commercial web site I did from scratch. I chose yellow type on a black background, because that was popular with the heavy metal bands from my previous endeavor. ;-)  With a
NetPager and MobilEmail, a wireless Email service, you could get your email sent to these cool Motorola brick-sized pagers. They had 4 line displays and got sports, news and weather information too, which was pretty cool in 1996. Most people were just getting online and getting into Email at the time though, so this innovative service was too innovative for the market, and only a handful of customers signed up before we moved on to other products.

Hectic Records
Hectic Productions began its life as a Heavy Metal record label and zine (a photocopied version of a blog, for you young folks). Unfortunately the InternetArchive has an amazing memory, even the dumb animated gifs of mid-nineties web design. Sweet.


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